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Kevin Wu

Title: Junior Pilot Plant Specialist

Kevin Wu was a senior at the University of Illinois, majoring in Food Science and Human Nutrition. He is concentrating within food science and is looking forward to pursuing a career within food engineering. He sparked an interest in food science from just a love of food and wanting to continue to learn more about it. Currently, he is interested in the machines that create food on a large scale, and how important they are to the current needs of the world. Kevin started working at the FSHN-PPP and IBRL in May of 2021. What he expected was a great opportunity to become more in tune with the inner workings being on the floor of a food production factory. Previously he had prior experience with research labs and small scale chemical work, and he wanted to see a much larger scale of production. He hopes from this experience of interning at both the pilot plants, would lead to more opportunities in the future. The main goal for Kevin right now is to simply just learn more about the world of Food Science.