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Job Opportunities

Visiting Research Scientist – ADM

The Visiting Research Scientist is working to develop a quantitative test at the laboratory scale for determining how well corn is steeped and how that relates to its wet milling performance. This position will perform corn kernel steep research with the aim of a method that can be implemented by industry corn wet milling plants.


Academic Hourly – Pilot Plant Technician

The Academic Hourly – Pilot Plant Technician will perform pilot-scale food and bioprocessing research and technical work in the Integrated Bioprocessing Research Laboratory (IBRL). Primary responsibilities will include preparation and completion of research and testing projects, assisting with providing technical and safety training for users of the facility, and writing reports for completed projects.


Undergraduate Hands-On Learning Opportunities

The IBRL & FSHN-PPP offers either paid or for-credit opportunities for students across many disciplines at Illinois. Several of those opportunities are listed below. Applications are always welcome, but opportunities are limited.