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General Capacity

The Integrated Bioprocessing Research Lab is a pilot plant facility focused on bioprocessing technologies located at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. The IBRL was built with the needs of industry projects and customers in mind. The entire building is on a controlled card-access reader system. The 10,000 square-foot processing plant has 8 curtained, lockable bays. Each individual bay has quick connect utilities including process chill water, clean steam, high pressure steam, natural gas, specialty gases, deionized water, and 208V & 460V 3-phase electrical. IBRL equipment is on skids and casters for ease of moving, setting up, connecting and disconnecting as needed. Our dock and fork truck also allow external equipment to be brought into the facility and easily integrated. The facility has a number of dedicated support spaces including a grinding room, a volatile extraction room, a walk-in cold room, a workshop, and an analytical laboratory. All of the support spaces are available for use by IBRL clients. The menu above links to a current list of IBRL equipment. This list is continually evolving, so if something is missing or you have specific questions, please contact IBRL staff.