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IBRL serves as a resource for a number of courses that are offered in the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering and across the College of ACES more broadly. The level of involvement in the facility ranges from taking a tour, to students getting course credit for helping run projects. Below is the evolving list of courses that utilize IBRL.

HORT 100 – Introduction to Horticulture

Basic principles of plant growth and development as they apply to the production, marketing, and utilization of fruits, vegetables, and ornamental plants.

FSHN 260 – Raw Materials for Processing

Problems involved with procurement, harvesting, handling, and storage of fruits, vegetables, cereal grains, dairy products, red meat, poultry, fish, and eggs for the food-processing industry. Field trips to specialized operations.

ABE 469 – Industry Linked Design Projects

Industry-submitted and sponsored design projects which utilize principles of design, engineering analysis and functional operation of engineering systems. Design teams develop concepts, evaluate alternatives, model and analyze solutions, and build and test a final product. Emphases on communication skills, technical writing, and interaction with industry representatives.

ABE 488 – Bioprocessing Biomass for Fuel

Engineering and scientific principles governing bioprocessing of biomass for production of ethanol and other fermentation products. Process unit operations; conventional and alternative feed stock materials; recovery of value-added coproducts and other variables involved in producing fuel ethanol; process simulation; economic analysis.

ABE 497/597 – Independent Study

Undergraduate or graduate students can earn credit for working in IBRL and the FSHN-PPP facility. To apply: