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FASTER Program

Title: FASTER is our undergraduate student intern program.


Food and Agricultural Science in Technology Education and Research (FASTER) is a paid internship program that provides undergraduate students the chance to work with industry leaders and top researchers from various disciplines. It equips students with hands-on experience in the Integrated Bioprocessing Research Lab (IBRL) and the Food Science & Human Nutrition Pilot Processing Plant (FSHN-PPP). Interns work directly with IBRL & FSHN-PPP staff on industry and faculty research projects, gaining valuable experience operating pilot-scale bioprocessing and food processing equipment. There are opportunities to work in fermentation, downstream processing, food science, and the analytical lab. Whether you’re looking to learn from experts, gain practical and professional experience, or you’re just wanting to network, FASTER has numerous projects that will prepare you for a successful career in food and agriculture science. Click here to see our current FASTER interns.

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