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James Johnson

Title: Office Specialist
Phone: (217) 300-7080

James joined the Integrated Bioprocessing Research Laboratory (IBRL) team in May 2018 as an Office Support Associate, assigned to various duties throughout the operation. James has a Master of Science degree in Technology from Eastern Illinois University along with other specialized leadership certificates from the Graduate & Technology School of Eastern Illinois University. James brings a vast array of work experiences and large corporation principles with him. James came to IBRL after closing-out an impressive 30-year career as an Operation Facility Manager with the world’s largest small package transportation company. During his 30-year career, James held other leadership positions in numerous departments with great success. His areas of expertise include distribution, workforce training, employee safety and company security.  As a company security manager, James was responsible for administering and maintaining security protocols for 21 operation facilities and 6 airport extensions adhering to local, national and world-wide laws and guidelines. James’ personal goal is to “Provide a Safe and Secure Environment with Trusted Integrity and Ethics”. The combined work experiences, educational achievements and personal commitments James holds makes him well suited for his role at IBRL.