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Meet Kwin Palanuwech

Hi! My name is Kwin, and I started working at the FSHN pilot processing plant and IBRL as a student intern in 2018. From helping the student sustainability farm process pizza sauce for the university dinning halls, to assisting with research about canning pet food and all other products in between. I’ve been able to experience very diverse and unique processing methods. I’m especially lucky to have been able to experience all of this with great friends and the wonderful ACES community along the way. This experience has been incredibly important for my growth in both real-life processing experiences and knowledge about the science behind different food products (like pizza sauce and bread making). Even though the career I may pursue in the future might be less hands on, I am sure I will be able to utilize the knowledge of product processes that I have learned here. When I graduate, I hope to be able to use the knowledge I gained here to help develop and research new products in the consumer market that can positively impact the lives of people across the globe. If you’re interested in a fun and unique food and industrial processing experience that will surely impact your college experience at the University of Illinois, I highly recommend looking for opportunities to join the FSHN pilot processing plant and IBRL!