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Meet Drew Borbely

During my time here at the FSHN Processing Pilot Plant and IBRL, I have gained experience and interests in areas that I had previously never considered. I have improved my skills in the lab, kitchen, and plant settings, which all translate directly into my future career as a food scientist. Through the Pilot Plant, I have learned the ins and outs of recipe development, including ingredient substitution, meeting specific product requirements, and how to scale these recipes up to a plant-trial size. I have also gained experience with industrial food processing equipment that range anywhere from flour milling to a fruit-to-bottle juicing line. It has been a wonderful experience seeing equipment, techniques, and ingredients that I study in my classes come to life at the Pilot Plant. At IBRL, I have gained experience working with wet and dry milling, industry-level fermentations, and a wide variety of other projects that I had not considered before starting my internship here. These were things I had not previously considered, but have had a direct translation to subjects we have covered in my classes. The experience I have gained at IBRL and FSHN Processing Pilot Plant has been incredibly unique and specialized, and I believe these experiences will give me an edge in the food science industry.