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Hand Sanitizer Information Page

General Information, Availability, & Pricing

The production of hand sanitizer is a temporary effort for IBRL in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. We are following guidance provided by the WHO and the FDA’s “Temporary Policy for Preparation of Certain Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer Products During the Public Health Emergency (COVID-19).”

This effort is designed primarily to support local hospitals and first responders, state (Illinois) entities/agencies, and other public entities. Hand sanitizer is available at cost of production for these entities for as long as necessary materials remain available. As we are receiving significant in-kind donations of materials and reagents, cost is variable based on material costs used in each batch.

Typical cost reimbursement is $15-25 per gallon and will be provided at time of inquiry. Product is only available in 5-gallon jerrican containers detailed below.

For questions or inquiries on product availability, please contact Brian Jacobson at

Hand Sanitizer Product Info

Product Label – PDF Download

Product Guide, Recipe, and Safety Info – PDF Download

5-gallon jerrican specification – Web Link

Faucet specification – Web Link

Jerrican Faucet Installation

Step 1: Drill or cut hole in center of large cap


Step 2: Screw faucet into threaded center portion of cap and set jerrican on its side for easy filling of small containers. Be sure to properly tighten faucet to prevent leaks. Small cap can be opened to prevent a vacuum inside container, but can allow alcohol in sanitizer to evaporate over time.


We recommend you store the jerrican in the vertical position when not actively refilling small containers. If the faucet is not installed tightly or is not completely closed, it can slowly leak when the jerrican is stored in the horizontal position.


Jerrican Pallet Shipment

Up to 48 jerricans can be placed on one pallet. (4 wide x 4 deep x 3 tall). Pallets will be shrink wrapped prior to shipment. Each pallet will weigh just under 2,000lbs.