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The ribbon blender is commonly used to temper product before a dry milling or other process.  The blender can also be used for mixing powders, grains, and more.

The Kushmer mixers are used for evenly adding moisture or chemicals to biomass, particularly bulky products. Rotary mixing action provides even distribution of moisture or chemical. Common applications include adding [...]

The ribbon blender is capable of holding up to 40 lbs of corn and is commonly used to temper the product before a dry milling or other processes.  The blender [...]

The Advance Bio continuous pre-treatment reactor is capable of processing up to ~40kg of material per hour.  Optimal process conditions range from 5-20 minutes residence time, with particle sizes ranging [...]

The steep tank is used commonly to prepare corn for the wet milling process.  Water can be re-circulated and temperature controlled for long steep times.  Steep water can be collected [...]

The Parr Reactor (Model 4557) is a 5 gallon (3.33 gallon usable) reactor capable of reaching 1000 psi at 350C.  It has impeller and anchor type stirrers available, and can [...]