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Drying & Evaporation

The Harvest Right Freeze Dryer is a freeze dryer that effectively and gently removes water from materials. This is accomplished by freezing the material and pulling vacuum on the material [...]

This unit will feature 60 sq. ft. of usable shelf area with a temperature range from -50C to 50C. It is rated for 50kg of water removal per day. A [...]

The National Drying Company (now Buhler Aeroglide) TY-3 tray dryer is used for drying bulk quantities of product. The dryer features temperatures up to 450F with airflow up to 2000 [...]

The GEA FF-50 falling film evaporator features 1.6 sq. meters of heating surface, with an approximate evaporation rate of 40 kg/h. The entire unit is skid based, standing 3.8 meters [...]

The Despatch tray drying oven is used for bulk drying of products. It is capable of 250F and has adjustable dampers to control air flow. IBRL Inventory # 59-001