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Analytical Equipment

Multinuclear, variable-frequency benchtop NMR for common QC applications. Range of magnetic field pulses and most comprehensive range of measurement frequencies. Current application: measurement of oil content in a variety of [...]

Anton Parr Rapidoxy oxidation stability tester – accelerates the oxidation process by adding pure oxygen and increasing temperature. Suitable for vegetable oils, animal fats, food applications, and fragrances. Measures up [...]

Hettich 46ASTM-100C Rotofix benchtop centrifuge. 4-place, swing-out rotor for 100mL conical centrifuge tubes. 500-2000 RPM. Ideal for oil & sediment testing

The Mettler Toledo XPE205 has a capacity of 220 grams and reads accurately to 0.01 mg. The balance has both the Mettler Toledo specific StatusLight and StaticDetect technologies, making it [...]

The Isotemp Hot Water Bath is a 15L capacity shaking water bath with a temperature range of +5˚C Ambient to 100˚C. With a temperature uniformity of ±0.05˚C a temperature stability of ±0.1˚C, [...]

4 ft wide, HEPA filtered, stainless steel work bench space for sterile biological applications. UV lamp allows additional sterilization between uses to reduce contamination concerns. Cabinet is NSF/ANSI 49 Compliant.

Borosilicate glass oil bath. Can withstand temperatures up to 250˚C with rapid heating ( 5˚C per minute). Bath can be operated with oil or heating media. Uncoated bottom allows use [...]

Adjustable speed mini cutting mill. Sealed cutting chamber is equipped with two adjustable stationary blades and a rotating cutting head. Minimal heat build up and capable of milling materials ranging [...]

Hammer mill for sample preparation for Falling Number® or NIR analysis. Includes a cyclone sample outlet making sample collection and cleaning between cycles easier.

Portable spectrophotometer. Automatically adjusts for variable sample sizes. User selects test units, dilution factor, and sample numbers. Internal memory for up to 500 samples. USB port for data transfer and [...]

Instrumentation for Falling Number® method of testing sprout damage in grains and flour. Measures alph-amylase activity in wheat, barley, rye, or sorghum for consistent final products such as pasta, bread, [...]

Perten Rapid Visco Analyzer (RVA) viscometer with automated operation for more reliable sample testing. The RVA 4500 model is optimized for the largest range of viscosities (10 – 25,000 cP [...]

Portable pH and mV measurements with temperature correction. Memory space for up to 50 measurements. Easy-to-read display shows measurement, temperature, stability and electrode condition. Accuracy of ±0.01pH, ±0.2mV or ±0.05% of the reading, ±0.1˚C

Automated cell counter for live and dead cell counts in as little as 10 seconds on disposable slides. Only 10 µL of  sample required for test. USB-port enabled for easy [...]

Refrigerated microcentrifuge with a 48mL capacity (24, 2mL tubes) and temperature range of -9 – +40˚C . Maximum speed of 13,300 rpm. Biocontainment lid for clean runs.

Available for routine pH measurements in the lab. One to five point calibrations, temperature range of 0.0 – 100.0˚C and a resolution of ±0.1˚C. Automatic buffer recognition with two sets [...]

Dry bath/block heaters have a variety of configurations with interchangeable blocks. Maximum temperature of 130˚C. Includes a timer and an advanced internal temperature probe for accurate measurements.

4 available chemical hoods for any experiments that may generate fumes. Air, vacuum, gases available for connections in each hood. Each hood equipped with movable sash for convenient work space.

Reliable, reversible pump option for flows ranging from 0.5 to 3000mL/minute. Maximum pressure of 2.7bar

Ceramic-topped stirring hot plate. Stirring range from 50 to 1,500 rpm with temperature control of 1˚C increments. Hot Top warning above 50˚C

5.7 L capacity ultrasonic bath with 99 minute timer and digital display.

Two refrigerated bench top centrifuges each with a 4L capacity. Speeds up to 14,500 rpm and a variety of rotors. Each centrifuge can handle 50 mL conicals, 15 mL conicals, [...]

Glass, fully jacketed column with a maximum bed volume of 1.7L. PTFE plungers allow for quick volume adjustments. Additional features: rated for 50psi, 9.5mm hose connections, porous glass discs for [...]


TRACE 1300 Gas Chromatographer with autosampler. Current column options include a FAME column as well as a TG-5MS (5% phenyl phase) column.

Two Ultimate 3000 HPLC systems from Thermo Fisher. Installed with both UV-Vis and RID detectors. Current column options include: HyperRez H+ for carbohydrate analysis, Acclaim Organic Acid column, and the [...]

Oven with flexible and controllable vacuum for samples needing reduced atmospheres. Maximum temperature of 260˚C with a digital control system.

Two large-capacity ovens available for any heating or drying application. Temperatures range from 50 – 250˚C with gravity convection.

Four large-capacity MaxQ orbital shaking incubators available. Incubators have temperature ranges of +10˚C ambient to 80˚C. Each incubator is equipped with a shelf and interchangable flask clamps in a variety [...]

Laboratory autoclave – 120L chamber volume with a sliding rack. Easy-to-use digital control panel

Chamber for all anaerobic work. Two glove sets for dual use, and soft-sided for flexibilty. Internal incubator and oxygen-reducing catalysts. Cube-shaped port for ease of moving samples in and out.

FreeZone -84˚C freeze dryer for lyophilizing samples including low eutectic point samples. 6 L console and stoppering tray dryer with three 16.5″ x 12″ processing shelves.

Dishwasher with auto-addition of liquid detergent as well as a neutralizing acid rinse for effective cleaning of all laboratory glassware.

Automated system for extraction and filtration of solid and semi-solid samples of 1 – 100 g. Suitable for acid and alkaline samples. Can automatically run up to 24 samples with [...]

High-speed floor centrifuge with interchangable rotors for up to 6L of volume in one run. Speeds up to 100,605 g with digital screen for monitoring.

Dumas method of nitrogen/protein analysis on samples up to 1g in weight. Can measure a wide range of nitrogen concentration ranging from parts per million to 500 mg of 100% [...]

Full spectrum UV-Visible data instantaneously. User-determined concentration units, up to 100 standards, and third order curve fits. Suitable for a variety of life science applications, coatings and colors, multi-wavelength kinetic [...]