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The Integrated Bioprocessing Research Laboratory (IBRL) is a state-of-the-art pilot-scale facility that will accelerate the commercialization of bioprocessing technologies in renewable chemicals and fuels. The IBRL is host to a complete suite of resources designed to enable pilot-scale testing of renewable materials and new equipment by industry as well as academia. The unique IBRL resources include facility space, equipment use, support staff, and access to the intellectual capital housed at the University of Illinois.


The Integrated Bioprocessing Research Laboratory (IBRL)  advances research and education focused on bioprocessing platforms in chemicals and fuels and stimulates bio-economic development in the State of Illinois and beyond through translational research

Why Utilize IBRL?

When considering bioprocessing and bioenergy, the Midwestern United States is an ideal location. With the surrounding agricultural capabilities and potential, the growth, transportation, and processing of a variety of energy crops is possible. The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is easily accessible to much of the Midwest region by both ground and air transportation. The U of I is also continually ranked among the top institutions in both agriculture and engineering, and has an acclaimed program in technology transfer and licensing, along with growing availability of venture capital in the agricultural space. The IBRL and U of I offer bioprocessing and bioenergy infrastructure as well as intellectual capital for developing innovative approaches to bioprocessing . This unique combination of resources makes IBRL the ideal hub for bioprocessing testing and research.


The IBRL newsletter highlights the research, activities and events conducting at our lab. The newsletter is sent electronically on a quarterly basis.

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