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Varun Jayachandran

Year: Junior
Major: Food Science and Human Nutrition

Varun is a junior majoring in food science at the university of Illinois. He started working at the FSHN-PPP and IBRL in March 2021 to gain experience in the hands-on production of different food products and experiment by learning to formulate and improve recipes of various new food products. He hopes to further understand the operations and mechanisms of the machines and equipment used in the production of food. He has previously worked in Dr. Cadwallader’s lab as a flavor science intern where he was introduced to wide range of sensory tests and identification methods and is also certified in large scale moringa powder production from the Center of Food Technology and Research Institute in India. He hopes to use this knowledge and experience to create a large scale food production facility that creates environmentally sustainable products that are also beneficial to the consumer’s health in the future.