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Steven Buchholz

Year: Junior
Major: Food Science & Human Nutrition


Steven Buchholz is a Junior at the University of Illinois majoring in Food Science and Human Nutrition. His concentration is food science and is looking to pursue a career in the food quality/food engineering area. Steven started working at the FSHN-PPP and IBRL in March of 2018 in his freshman year. He works at the pilot plant because he thought it was very interesting when he toured in his freshman year. He likes working with tools and making food, which makes this internship different and interesting every day. He likes working with creating recipes to be used in the dining halls using the raw materials made in the Pilot Plant. He also is the president and co-founder of the Fermentation Club. He recently accepted an internship for research and development for the summer of his Junior year. His future career goals are still in the process and he has not decided if he has wanted to pursue higher education or enter the workplace. He finds research about food very interesting but also wants to start creating his own products for the world to start enjoying.