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Robert (Bobby) Crowley

Year: Master's of Food Science - Spring 2022
Major: Food Science and Human Nutrition

Robert (Bobby) Crowley is a graduate student at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign who has completed his undergraduate degree in Human Nutrition and is pursuing his Master’s Degree in Food Science. Bobby has always had a passion for the science/processing behind food since he was a young boy and his first steps into a pilot plant confirmed his love for the ever-expanding food industry. As a Master’s student in Food Science, Bobby’s hunger for learning has driven him to explore the many different aspects of the food industry, from learning about animal meats to fermentations and more. With Bobby’s background in Food Science, Human Nutrition, and experience with Bioprocessing, he sees himself leading innovation in the large and growing field of food processing, as well as, creating and optimizing products that will be sold around the world.