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Laura Pelaez Medina

Class of 2019

Laura Pelaez Medina got her Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from the Santo Domingo Institute of Technology, Dominican Republic. She is currently studying for a Professional Science Master’s degree in Bioprocessing and Bioenergy at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. During her experience working in the Logistics area for a local company, she started to gain interests in bioprocessing, renewable energy sources especially in the bioenergy field, since it was one of the few local companies that used biomass as an energy source for some of their food production processes. Therefore, Laura though that she found the best master that could combine her previously skills in managing production processes with her interest in the bioenergy and bioprocessing areas. Her goals for the PSM program is to develop research skills and achieve the required knowledge in that area to be able to put into practice. As an alumni, Laura hopes to be part of a company related to bioenergy or production processes.